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Live from the Texas Conference for Women!

Hey y'all! I've just finished a long day at the Texas Conference for Women, where I listened to so many incredible and passionate woman speak about entrepreneurship. I'm staying at the Omni Southpark (read more in my next post) and though don't get to experience too much of this stunning hotel, I highly recommend it if you're planning  a trip to Austin. Located in the most centralized part of the city, you're within a short cab right to some of the best tacos and gelato around.

Now back to the conference! Women are changing the game, more now than they ever have. From Shiza Shahid to Soledad O'Brien, these ladies are taking feminism to the next level, by giving every single woman a reason to follow their dreams. The conference began with a few notable speakers present on the big stage (like Sally Hernandez, whom I was previously on KXAN with!) before tapering off to small panels and group discussions in the conference room, revolving around building a successful LinkedIn profile to managing your own brand via social media. 

I had the opportunity to interview Debbie Sterling, CEO of GoldieBlox, Diana Nyad, and Tamara Mellon, co-founder of Jimmy Choo. Diana is the record-breaking endurance swimmer who made headlines as the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida with no assistance. Each of these woman possess traits that myself, as an entrepreneur, want to have in the future. Debbie was so sweet, and gave me advice on following my dreams as well as not to rush things, because owning your own business takes time and energy. Diana was an inspiration, and for a 65 year old woman, she could inspire anyone from age 2 to age 90. Something she said that really stood out to me was "I'm a lesbian, I'm a feminist, and I'm old. Who cares." THAT is a trait that strong women should have today- courage and passion, regardless of who they are or what they have come from.

 I was most excited to interview Tamara, because as the co-founder of Jimmy Choo, Tamara is breaking out on her own and starting her own business. I sat down and chatted with her for quite a while, and even got to meet her adorable daughter (hi, Minty!) Tamara gave me some major tips on successfully running a business, ignoring what most of the media may say, and how to stay sane during this crazy journey.

Overall, I hope that gives you guys an insight into my fantastic opportunity being surrounded by independent ladies trying to make a mark on the world like I am. Now I get to ask you: so what are your dreams, and how are you going to make them a reality? 


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