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A Stop Along the Way: Westport, CT

East and Lo denim, Asos cardigan, Free People top, Steve Madden boots, Michael Kors watch, Sole Society scarf, Rebecca Minkoff bag 

As most of you know, Connecticut is not my favorite place in the world. The town I grew up in (Mansfield) is quite setback from, let's say, the rest of humanity. People that live here grew up here, went to school here, got jobs here, and move down the street from their families once they create their own families. That's not a negative thing, just not the way I have envisioned myself growing up. AKA, get me out of here as soon as possible before I seriously lose my mind.

That being said, not everywhere in CT is a total bust. Once you head further down the state, closer to NYC, you can expect to find one too many nice cars, prep schools and Vineyard Vine stores. For my birthday last week, prior to leaving for St. Louis, I figured it'd be nice to adventure down to a new part of the state versus completely leave the state (every place should get a second *or tenth* chance, right?) so I packed up, dragged my best friends with me, and drove a few hours to Westport, CT. 

The Inn at Longshore had invited me to stay over for the evening, which riddled me with excitement, as the property is housed on a huge golf course, surrounded by ocean breeze and cute golf players. We got one of the larger suites, which had a mini fridge filled with lots of champagne and organic chocolate, as well as two beds and a huge living room. Everything about the property was your quintessential CT Inn, meaning white picket fences and vintage furniture. 

After dropping our stuff off at the hotel, I took my friends down into the town of Westport, where stores like LF and Brandy Melville line trendy streets. And of course, a birthday trip is never finished without going to bed full of cake and scrumptious food, which I can say was successfully done at Bobby Q's. Once you scroll through the slideshow below, you'll get what I mean. We aren't huge fans of Southern food (corn bread, brisket and black eyed peas) but after Bobby Q's, I started dreaming of corn bread and honey butter. Yes, yes I did. If you're on the hunt for simply some of the most indulgent, satisfying, and quite affordable food in the state, Bobby Q's in Westport will leave you happier than before, just don't expect to escape without cornbread with honey butter haunting your dreams afterwards. 


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