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A Stop Along the Way: Laduree, Soho

Sweets sound SO much better over chicken and broccoli every day and every hour, am I right? In a place like NYC, there are dozens if not hundreds of places to go for your late night froyo craving, or if you're just dying for that Sunday morning almond croissant and latte. One of my go-to NYC spots is Laduree in Soho. Hailing from Paris, the mecca of macarons and croissants, Laduree recently has opened 2 NYC locations, fit for the ideal "Carrie Bradshaw in Paris" moments. 

During another busy Fashion Week day, I took two of my friends and ventured into the little (just kidding, this location is HUGE, with a stunning and intimate outdoor patio) Soho shop for an evening of steak and pastries. What could ever be better?

Frequently, prior to venturing to a restaurant for the first time, I always type the restaurant name into Google to get feedback on what to order, what not to order, what to wear etc. To my surprise (and after a quick peek and their $40 per course dinner menu) several of the reviews said not to get dinner at Laduree. For a restaurant hailing from the food capital of the world, this didn't exactly make sense to me, so I knew I had to go in with an unbiased opinion. 

We ordered a few main dishes, including caramel tea to begin (delicious), burrata (fluffy, handcrafted cheese with tomatoes and olive oil), steak, and 2 chicken courses. The steak was phenomenal, and cooked to perfection, with a salty and sweet glaze on top. I could have eaten 7 dishes of that steak! I wasn't as impressed with the tomato salad, because it was too reminiscent of other mozzarella/tomato courses offered at other restaurants, and the chicken just wasn't up to our taste standards, though the steak made up for some of the other side dishes.

Now to dessert. I'm a major macaron fanatic, maybe due to the fact that Laduree macarons are all made with gluten-free almond flour (no stomach ache for me!) and Laduree has every macaron and dessert option. The possibilities are endless. Rose and salted caramel were our choice of macaron flavors, and with a plate the size of Kentucky (literally) offering other dessert options, we went for a few pastries and tarts too. Laduree, I give you approval to take my heart. 


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