Andrew Flieller

“It’s been said that if you want something done, ask the busiest person in the room to do it. This saying came to be because of people like Alexa Curtis. Meeting and collaborating with Alexa is one of the best things that have happened to me in my career as a photographer. While busy, diligent, and dedicated are all traits I’d use to describe Alexa, that all comes second to the kind-natured, caring, and reliable person that she is. Alexa has shown the independence needed to get the job done while including others in her adventures. She’s put her best foot forward in inspiring others and showing them that with hard work dreams come true.

It should also be noted that she does all this while maintaining a most pleasant personality. She not only lights up a room when she enters, she creates a vibe that makes good things happen.

When Alexa and I are together, it’s fast-paced, long hours, and physically demanding work. I’m lucky enough to share all these normally “unpleasant” tasks with my good friend making them something I look forward to everyday.”

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