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Staying Up to Date

Grilled chicken salad on arugula/beets for lunch yesterday. Seriously SO delicious, healthy, and easy to make at home!

Spent Friday night with my lovely friend, my oven, and decided to experiment with healthy cupcakes with a secret vegetable inside!

Recipe posted soon on The Hungry Foodinista 

Found this gem on Pinterest a few days ago. Definitely starting to embrace what is and stop wasting time focusing on what I wish could happen or what should happen. 

After a great boxing workout last week, in my Under Armour pants and Lululemon headband. Who thinks cute clothing makes exercising SO much better!? 

My favorite and healthiest breakfast: Paleonola with almond milk, almond butter, coconut and berries. Yum! 

Huge thanks to Canada Goose for sending me this insane jacket! So excited to feature! 

Another post-workout meal: Ezekiel toast, banana, almond/peanut butter, chia seed, goji berry, and blueberries. Yum! 

Snapped at the DKNY party a few weeks ago. Such a great scene and some delicious cupcakes from Baked by Melissa! 


Kelly Rutherford (from Gossip Girl) didn't get a chance to introduce myself unfortunately but she was seriously the coolest and sweetest person in the room. Acted so completely normal and nothing like Lily Van Der Woodsen! 

Have a great Tuesday!

Miss Fashionista

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