I invite you to come along for a fashionably fierce and insane ride. 

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London Fashion Week: Day 1

Yummy meal of salmon and veggies after a long plane ride!

 Quiches are quite popular in London too. This was a roasted veggie quiche with a delicious, buttery crust (I think the crust is always my favorite part).

Structured pieces like this bold jacket are sexy yet very age appropriate. 

Hello from London! This city is an exciting adventure, every single place you walk. Even though I've been busy attending shows, I've also had time to try some amazing restaurants (who said English food tasted bland?), meet some amazing fashionable people, and learn how to take the underground tube!

One of the first presentations was at Freemason's Hall for Fashion Scout. In unique fashion form, this presentation was like no other. A real ballerina came out half way through and danced her way across the platform, while other models pranced around cluelessly in ruffle leather jackets, long skirts, and black combat boots. Along with viewing the presentation, I got the opportunity to interview the intriguing designer (yes, her name is Napsugar) and get the backstory on her line.

A: What was the inspiration behind the line?
N: I'm coming from Eastern Europe, so for me it's a difference between the Western and Eadtern part. I have this idea of seven biblical scenes made up to 12 scenes and this is how we presented the laser cut leather. We presented a special symbolism on the jackets. We also used contemporary and pop art to present the collection. 

A: Tell me about the color scheme.
N: We used bright colors, clean colors, also of the telephone booth for the clothes. And the blue is an old color, one of my favorite colors ever, old painters use that color. 

A: What about the set?
N: Did you like it? 
A: Yes very much!
N: The scene came from the pop art. The story was they became artist sticker icons of everyday objects, kind of like muses. The art was our muses. 

A: Did you travel a lot for the inspiration?
N: I travel all the time. I go to Italy, everywhere. 

Do you like this collection? What piece would you wear?

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