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Instagram Shots-Fall//Winter

I have become so obsessed with filling my kitchen on the weekend with fresh herbs, veggies
and delicious and healthy cuisine. Would I rather be eating pizza and pasta? Maybe. But there is nothing quite like gathering friends and family for a healthy home-cooked meal. 

My friends mom just opened a beautiful consignment boutique in Willimantic, CT called Bliss (check it out!!) and this magnet was in the store. It is so true: good clothes open all doors. When you are having a bad day or just wishing everything in life was different, throw on a hot outfit that makes you feel beautiful, go on out with friends and be grateful you're alive. 

I talked about model street style in a few posts a while back, and this outfit is the best way to replicate that! Black, white and black is an underestimated color combo: a leather jacket can go a longgggg way in a closet, especially through the cold winter season. 

Splurging on gluten-free scones with clotted cream and jam for afternoon tea, pretending like I'm in Europe. If I go for Fashion Week in February, my dream is to do the exact same overlooking the beautiful city of London. 

With my best friend in Pomfret munching on chocolate + pumpkin ice cream! I'm wear Asos denim and a Gap blazer. 

Gluten-free cinnamon vanilla french toast from the Vanilla Bean in Pomfret, CT. Wasn't amazing, maybe would have been better if the bread wasn't gluten-free? I hate going out to eat and the food is worse than I could make at home! Quite disappointing. 

An array of crisp apples from the apple orchard. 

My favorite tea is usually a simple green or something like cinnamon vanilla or plum. This time I went with cinnamon vanilla, which matched my scone to the top. 

Stopping by a homemade ice cream stand and oohing at the ice cream that looked oh so tempting. 

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I'm off for brunch with family + friends to celebrate my birthday Tuesday. French toast and fruit salad is calling my name...


One more day! 

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