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Embracing Myself

ASOS sweatpants (similar)//Zara boots (similar)//Hat made by my friend//Vintage bracelet//Free People sweater (similar)//CC Skye black bracelet//Ray-Ban Clubmaster 

People get quite excited about arm parties, accessories to the max, and making simple pieces become everything but. On days where the weather is chilly and all I want to be doing is curling up by my fire, I opt for the opposite route. Along with many other pieces in my closet, these sweatpants have been anxiously hanging, waiting to be worn with the perfect look. Matching sweatpants with a "dressy" look and not the average sweater on top is an unexpected task. I tried on a varsity jacket, a white boyfriend style top, plaid top, flats, heels, etc with these pants, and nothing fit quite right. Until I came across my new sweater that seemed reasonable. After pulling on my favorite pair of combat boots ($30 at Zara!!) and seeing this sweater in my drawer, the look was a match made in heaven.

Instead of trying to add scarves, necklaces and tons of bracelets, I took the "easy" route without a scarf, but with a simple beanie and few statement bracelets. No necklace needed here.  Like lots of times in life, staying true to who you are is always necessary. I could have put on heels, 10 different layers of tops, and a mash of accessories, but why not be casual and fashionable? That is who I am anyway. And no one can tell me differently.  

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