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New Items!

NYFW is in less than 4 weeks. I'm still in shock at how quickly time 
is speeding by. Once you become a regular at FW, the 
craziness is anticipated until the actual week shows start...I am never
so stressed/tired/busy in my life. But every season is a reminder of 
how fortunate I am to call this my job and a push for me to work even
harder so that within a few years I'm in the shows (hopefully modeling)
and maybe one day running them. 

Of course, with every major event, a small shopping spree is needed. 
Not that I have money to spend but still, one is needed. As long as you
look good, you will feel good!!!!! That is my motto. Now, along with 
a tutorial on how to become broke, here are a few items I splurged on
that will probably never get worn and stay in my closet for a century 
go to use during NYFW. 

ASOS Heels
I fell in love with these babies. My parents are completely against the idea of me 
wearing heels, but I find that if you get whoever has a credit card in your family 
in an upbeat mood, asking them to gift you money is much easier versus them 
being in a bad mood. These were ON SALE so that justifies every right to buy

ASOS loafers

There is nothing better than a pair of simple menswear inspired shoes for under $25! 
I have a pair similar by Sperry in brown, but these are classic and can be worn with 
vintage inspired frocks as well as a simple trench coat and pair of dark skinny jeans. 

ASOS jeans

These were also on sale. The reason we are all broke in the fashion industry is
partially because of sales and online retailers like ASOS. I blame this on why 
models are also so skinny. None of us can afford to eat because we go out of 
our way to spend paychecks on overpriced denim on the sale rack. 

ASOS top

I purchased this one in white but the picture shows grey. Boyfriend style is 
my favorite style because of comfort, but also something is attractive about
looking like you ran out of the house in your boyfriends old Levi's and his 
comfortable baggy shirt. It's a very off-duty but sophisticated look, perfect 
if I'm running late to shows (see, I have an excuse for buying items now!) 

River Island overalls

The hunt for overalls is finally over with. Best part? Not splurging on the $80 ones
from Zara. These were under $50 and the acid wash is intriguing. Different
from the usual overall, which sets them apart drastically. I'm wearing these with a 
graphic cropped top underneath and my new heels above. Rad. 

P.S. I'm back to NY again on Saturday for a really cool event...didn't think
I'd be back so soon, but I'm missing it so much that going back is somewhat

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