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Acid Wash

I have a really awful relationship with headphones. They either break, 
wear out, get busted from my music being too loud, or lost in a shuffle of 
miscellaneous other stuff rummaged around my house. When I'm on the
go in NYC, headphones are necessary to keep me sane, and you will 
almost always catch me in them walking down the street or running to 
grab an iced tea. 

When TruEnergy contacted me a few months ago, I was stoked, because
headphones are such an essential in my life that having too many is
never a negative thing. Plus, this line has amazing headphones suitable
for all girls and women with colorful prints and colors. Say goodbye to
your basic boring Apple white headphones and hello to the pop of color
that you need in your life! These babies aren't going to wear out and are
such high quality you can tell the minute you put them in. Much different
from "Beats" in the sense of music quality and structure. I wish I had 100
more pairs of these to bring around with me! 

I'm calling these the new go-to piece for 2013. 

King's of Cole sweater/ Gap denim/ Keds x Madewell sneakers/ Ray-Ban sunglasses/
Liebeskind Berlin bag/ TruEnergy headphones


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