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The Couch- Behind the Scenes

I never posted these behind the scenes pics from my shoot with
"The Couch"! If you haven't had a chance to watch the clip from CBS,
go here. Ricardo Rojas did a fabulous job coming up with easy breezy
hairstyles that are the perfect pick for a day by the pool. I'm not one to
get really fancy if I'm by a pool because I prefer to swim in them versus
sit and burn tan, but if you're one to want to show off your new bikini,
these styles are a great and affordable option. 

My summer in the city so far has been memorable. I wake up every
night concerned about leaving...just going back to CT makes me 
depressed. On the upside, the schedule for today is brunch, a bike ride
through Central Park and the new rain exhibit at the MOMA with my 
friend. And this week is even busier! I finally am going to Brooklyn and
can't wait to share that experience with you! 

How are you spending your Sunday?

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