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Simple Colors by the Water

ZARA top (similar)//LARK clutch (similar)//GAP shorts//ANDREA BOCCHIO necklace//M.I.A. wedges (similar)//MICHAEL KORS watch//RAY-BAN CLUBMASTER//HAYDEN HARNETT stud bracelet

I posted on my experience at the Nolcha Fashion Week + La Marina event a 
few posts ago, but never did outfit shots/details! The weather was sweltering
and a pair of boyfriend style shorts from my fav store (Gap, who else) with a 
simple white v-neck and a few statement accessories was a perfect outfit. 
Gap seems to be my top choice for all shorts and simple necessities. For one,
my height leaves me looking very slutty/trashy in the majority of shorts from
stores like Forever 21 or Delia's, but Gap shorts always fit me and the length
happens to be right! 

Accept my apology now for the very short post- I'm leaving tomorrow for the
rest of the summer in NYC (ah!!) and haven't even begun packing...so much to
do, so little time. My life for the past month has been travel, come back, unpack,
leave the next day...repeat. I'm nothing short of blessed for these experiences 
but my lack of sleep lately has been a little overwhelming!

If you follow me on Twitter you also know of my new collaboration with
Parade Magazine. Very exciting. Expect posts about fashion, trends, and
all things related to teenage everything. See my first post on Dressing
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