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A Stylish Giveaway

Goooddd mornin'! Happy Monday all! I'm bringing to you a great giveaway
this month and all through August with 72 Smalldive, a great overseas handbag
and accessory brand with a unique touch. The first giveaway will be the beautiful
clutch listed above along with a bar of hand milled honey soap and a crochet scrub!
 The rules are below as follows. 

1. Like 72 Smalldive facebook fanpage

2. Submit a photo that shows what you did / where you go on 
your summer vacation via your
- Facebook Fanpage message with photo attached or
-Email account press@72smalldive.com

If submission is done via social network, please include the following hashtags: @72Smalldive #72smalldive #Alifeinafashionlane #StylishGiveaway 

 The winner will be picked during Milan’s Fashion Week in 23 September 2013 and announced via 72 Smalldive's facebook page. Giveaway is international. 

Winner will be selected on the basis of submitting the most fun and ingenuous picture.

Can't wait to see your entries!

P.S. Got some amazing news last night about this week...can't wait
till you all know!!

Miss Fashionista

A Little Lace Accent

Simple Colors by the Water