I invite you to come along for a fashionably fierce and insane ride. 

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Nolcha Fashion Week + La Marina

La Marina is like a little Hamptons getaway 10 minutes out of the city,
with a beautiful view of the bridge and white beds that you would see
on the beach in Mexico. 

The food was one of the best parts of the whole event. Fresh red pepper
and onions, perfectly warm...plantains with a creamy sauce...fresh and 
cooked to perfection salmon...there was so much food everyone couldn't finish
it all, but we were definitely satisfied for the rest of the evening. 

One of Nolcha's designers that showcased on the patio of the event. 
Stunning neutral colored dresses suitable for any dressy occasion. 

I got back late last night from a busy two days in the city- the La Marina
+ Nolcha Fashion Week event on Wednesday, and meetings and a stop by 
Conde Nast on Thursday. 

A few weeks ago I was invited by the head of Nolcha Fashion Week to the
event. I've been to Nolcha once before during NYFW (it's a showing of up
and coming indie designers during shows in September and February) but
was skeptical about the type of event this would be. Not once has anyone
told me about La Marina, so I dragged one of my really good friends along
who was visiting the city to the event in case we were getting shipped away
to a freaky location . A coach bus picked us and a bunch of other industry 
people (who I didn't recognize at all) up, and we were on our way.

About a 10-15 minute drive out of the city, we arrived at paradise. A windy
drive through Riverside which is at the highest point of the city and to a 
little hut and moderately sized beach area. How is this NYC? I texted my mom to
 tell her I had arrived and wasn't taken to some underground place to be slaughtered,
 and my friend and myself made our way to the inside of the event. 

We were greeted by attractive men asking to take our picture, and delicious
bottles of flavored coffee to cool off. There were 4-5 different designers 
showing off their collections, so I walked around and took shots of different
accessories and floor length gowns by designers of Nolcha. I love the concept
of mixing fashion with lifestyle. 

About an hour into the event we were all ushered "inside" La Marina (the
setting is an open deck so there isn't any doors) and sat down for food. 
Course after course after course piled out on our table, and we indulged
in fresh fish, salad, vegetables, plantains, caprese salad...I didn't expect
to be so satisfied by this little place in the middle of nowhere. The food
at La Marina is tastefully put onto silver dishes, and is not "old" or ugly to
look at, but fresh with an array of fabulous colors and beautiful options. 

The most intriguing part of the event was how I felt like I was in the Hamptons
but was actually 10 minutes out of the busiest city in the world. La Marina
is bound to be New York's best unkept secret, and I'm expecting to get many
more invites to this hotspot, which I will be surely to accept. 

Thanks La Marina + Nolcha for inviting me to the event! 

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