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Pinspire- Weekly Pinterest Inspiration

Mmm this looks delicious. Goat cheese with fresh herbs+ fruit on top
of crispy bread. Definitely beats PB & J. 

A retro inspired sexy high bun with gold dark eye makeup and statement
jewelry. Met ball approved. 

The mix of ombre hair color and statement makeup is sexy and edgy. 
Barbie doll meets backwards fantasy world. 

Orange on orange (and don't forget the bright toes.) Strappy sandals and a 
versatile clutch, perfect for a warm evening out. 

This picture caught my attention because first: the model is as fair skinned as me (ha) but 
the suite is mystical and dreamy at the same time, bringing me into a different world. 
Extravagant sunglasses that no one would probably ever wear to the beach and a 
bold jewelry pick...why wear swimwear to swim when you can wear it out of the house

Edgy blue braids. I would die my hair this color for a week just to make a 

A dressy silk romper with a huge clutch and evened out with some edgy 
combat boots. My kinda outfit. Never too serious. 

What better way to get inspiration than surfing through Pinterest? Loads of bloggers,
designers and stores posting inspiring pictures that only creative types can understand.
Now that summer is getting closer, these are the types of pictures that need to be 
floating around my mind. Summer nights with crisp bread and goat cheese with 
raspberries, combat boots with my favorite little romper...nothing seems better 
right now. Actually, getting over this rotten cold is a start. 

Miss Fashionista 

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