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Kiss Kiss

Jack BB Dakota sweater (very similar here)
Lush tunic
Random fleece leggings that keep me warm (similar here)
Forever 21 purse (sick designer here/here)
Reflex watch
Marimekko hat (legit same hat but 100x more affordable here)
Converse shoes 

First post of 2013!!!! What did you did on NYE? I am still
recovering from this cold so I canceled my plans and then 
last min got really bored and went to my best friends house
instead! Spent the evening with her and her sister, lil bro and
a friend of all of ours. Friends are all you need! Good food
and good people :) I wish I had a fabulous outfit to show you 
from the evening but tbh I was in sweats and a Forever 21 
long sleeve top, so I will pass on posting that but I do have 
these shots! I am not sure what to describe this look: kinda
everywhere and very outgoing and spontaneous. That purple
thermometer is actually a watch...

Wanted to wear this hat and feature for so long so I said hey, 
why not! Fashion is not always about matching but more about 
having something to say (quote me if ya want.) Have a great 

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