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The New Year

The new year is the time when everybody attempts to re-invent
themselves. Whether it be making yourself a better you, landing
your dream job, getting married, traveling the world...goals and
aspirations are what keep the world moving and your head spinning.
I have so many different goals for 2013 I cannot seem to keep them
under control. The hard part is how to make dreams a reality.

A new year can mean a new you: a fresh opportunity to be a better
version of yourself.  I am hoping to reach 1,000 followers
by September/ October, get to 1,000+ Twitter followers, and 
some other secret ideas I can share with you once I have them 
figured out ;) Acting like you have everything together when you 
probably really do not is the first step to taking those dreams and
pursuing them. What are YOU going to do to make the world a
better place? 

For starters, I am changing my hair! I have been wanting to do 
this for a while and finally decided a small change would do. 
Going through with ombre like Whitney Port! What do you 
think I am going to look like!?

P.S. Sorry for the posting delay- I am so sick :( New outfit post
will be up very soon.

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Xo, Ms.Fashionista

Thoughts on the Year