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Holiday Gifting

The holidays are here and Christmas is already next week! 
Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? I got a little
sidetracked at Gap and spent the majority of my gifting money
on...myself. I am ashamed, yes. But everything was so darn
cute I couldn't help myself. And cheap. 2 pairs of colored 
jeans for $21? Mmmm happy holidays! LOL. 

For the lovely lady in your life, jewelry is always a perfect
item to gift. 
This Juicy Couture wallet is a genius pick if you are also on a 
budget but willing to spend a bit extra. It is marked down from
$78 to $60- definitely an item to keep in mine! I dig the edgy 
but sophisticated feel. If my BFF got me this I would loveee her!
Psh, I already do ;)


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Christmas Sea

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