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Sway Chic

boots c/o Sway Chic 

I love these boots. No, correction, I adore and worship these boots. 
I was sent them by a rad brand called Sway Chic, which has all sorts of
affordable items that easily fit into your wardrobe. For under $50 I got 
these stunning shoes that look like they could be by Jessica Simpson
and retail for over $100 at Macy's! The intricate detailing is very aztec-
like and the leather is high quality and going to last a long time. The 
Midwestern style is pretty rad and always seems to be in, whether it's
to-the-knee Frye boots or little riding boots. You would never wear them
on a horse, but the style is easy enough to replicate that. 

Can't wait to feature these babies in an outfit post!! 

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