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How to Dress When Traveling: Cold Weather

traveling 2

H&M top/scarf, Steve Madden boots, All Saints jacket, Orla Kiely skirt, Burberry watch,
pair with tights/leggings! 

traveling wear

Acne sweater, Current/Elliot jeans, Steve Madden boots, Topshop hat, Etsy bag 

I am off to Washington, D.C. for a school
trip! I'm mainly excited because we are 
staying in a hotel but BESIDES that it's 
supposed to be an event packed few days. 
Visiting museums, malls, the changing of 
the guard...see how stoked I am? (this is 
somewhat a joke) Since I've never been 
before I'm not quite sure what to expect. 
Have any of you been? Where should I go? 
Most importantly, what should I wear! LOL.

Personally, I despise jeans in cold weather.
They make you 20x colder and are too thin. 
But on the other hand, take a pair of warm 
leggings and throw them underneath and your
jeans just got a whole lot more appealing.
Some people seem to be "against" jeans, but 
I'm all for them. The majority of the time 
I actually wear them because they are practical
and always make you look cute.  We are also 
going on a dinner cruise, meaning 20 degree 
weather on a boat. Not my cup of tea. Not 
to mention I definitely don't have a $500 
All Saints leather jacket, but I do have a 
Forever 21 one that is close enough! 



Happy to be Home!!

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