I invite you to come along for a fashionably fierce and insane ride. 

Stylish regards,

Country Livin'

Andrea Bocchio necklace
J.Crew pants/blazer (similar here/here)
Koton top
UNIF shoes
Melie Bianco bag (similar here)
Ray-Ban sunglasses
Swatch watch 

Most of you know how much I hate living in 
the country. I'm a city girl who is stuck in
a country girls body- not good. However, the
open amount of space and land where you can
drive for hours and hours to little boutiques
and small restaurants gives you such a quaint 
and "homey" feeling. It's so calm and quiet, &
even though I love a city life it's nice to 
have so much open space, giving you the idea
that there is always time in the world to do
whatever you aspire to do.

I'm wearing my new Andrea Bocchio necklace 
that surprised me after my run this AM. 
Honestly, when I first looked at it I didn't
know what to think. Is it totally unique or 
totally hideous? I went out for dinner and 
afternoon tea and threw this outfit on, and 
the necklace seemed to match perfectly. The
look is very professional, but with the shoes
and necklace it's confusing and weird, just 
how I like it. My mind can't stop thinking 
about this necklace!!! The piece doesn't look
manufactured and definitely looks handmade,
but something about the necklace makes you 
want to keep looking and not look away. 

PLEASE check out Andrea's line because I 
believe she is on to something big, and I 
really like to support designers that 
hand design everything in their studio
and are up and coming. You can donate to her 
fund to help support her brand further here
 and get a little goodie for doing so. 


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