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Birthday List

Not sure what color I want, but I dig
this paisley print. 

I have sooo many shoes, but I've
been into this style for a while 
and they are super cute and trendy!

I feel like I've wanted these for the
longest time. They are very chic and retro.
Worth the money for a birthday present or 

The price of these is really fantastic
and the boots seem super sturdy and I dig
the cowboy trend.

I'm always in the market for a new 
bag right? This neutral color and 
trendy buckle look will always be in.

My birthday is on Monday, and I always
seem to have this problem of not being
able to decide what to get/do. My first 
gift idea was ombre highlights in my hair,
but I decided against it and now I'm 
stuck still with no idea of what I want. 
If I ask for money, I'll spend it in one
go. My uncle is getting me Dr. Marten's
which I am SO excited about, but for a 
present from my parents and sister my brain
is a tad confused. What do you think? What 
are your favorite items above? I seem to have
a new obsession with shoes haha!

Enjoy your day!

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