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Like My Collar?

Video sound is very loud....turn your speaker down :)
 Parker (similar affordable one here, adorable one here), Forever 21 necklace (similar here), Swatch watch (MK one here), Mulberry bag (similar here), MIA wedges, Ray-Ban sunglasses

My whole craving for Cheesecake Factory
ended yesterday after I finally went. 
Eyeing the cheesecake through the glass 
wanting to eat every.single.bite. was not 
what I needed, but at least my craving 
ended! I love this pretty Parker dress
with the dressy Forever 21 necklace. 
For $10.50 I got a necklace that looks
like $150! 

Have an amazing Labor Day!!

P.S. Off to Fashion Week on Wednesday! 

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Happy Anniversary Babay!

A Mulberry Day