I invite you to come along for a fashionably fierce and insane ride. 

Stylish regards,

Happy Anniversary Babay!

 Play Me Jeans shorts, Gap belt and top, Vanessa Mooney necklace, Dolce Vita sandals, Vintage headband 
 Sylvia Cachay dress, Apart Style cardigan, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Patricia Field bracelet, Miu Miu flats 

Happy 2 years A Life in the Fashion Lane!
Wow I can not believe I have had my baby 
for two years officially!! Seems much longer.
I've gotten so many incredible opportunities
because of it, and I can't help but thank 
each and every one of you for that.

I considered putting up my giveaway today,
but I'm so busy with everything NYFW related
right now that I don't think I have time to
handle one the next few weeks. I leave 
tomorrow right after school and right when
I arrive I have 2 shows and an event to go
to at 7 PM. AH!! I will put the new giveaway up
when I get back. 

The big NYFW news I have (which is one

of the main reasons I am taking school
off this week) is that...I have been 
invited to write for
FutureClaw Magazine! This is my dream
come true, and I don't think I can ever
say I didn't check my email for one hour
between classes and came back to 13 new
emails LOL. Can't wait to be your VIP 
NYFW access! 

Gotta go pack now!!


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NYFW Diary: Callula Lillibelle

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