I invite you to come along for a fashionably fierce and insane ride. 

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Went on a final shopping "spree" before school
 begins yesterday. Didn't mean to bring home 
as much as I did, but there are way too many
options in stores nowadays I found myself saying
"please mommy, pretty please" every other 2 minutes. 
Went into Gap to return a shirt, but my actual 
sneaky plan was to somehow convince my mom to buy me
this Academy Blazer that was featured in Teen Vogue
this month! They had one size left in the color I 
wanted, so I opted for the grey because it's much more
versatile. Then I ran into F21 and spotted this 
super cute chambray dip dye shirt and had to buy. 
Finally, I had planned on buying a simple pair of 
Converse for my first day (see the outfit post here),
but as I was looking on teenvogue.com, I spotted
these Madewell x Keds sneaks that are the same price. 
Definitely think I made the right decision with those. 

Do you usually dress up or dress down on your

first day (of school or work)? 



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