I invite you to come along for a fashionably fierce and insane ride. 

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Just Another Rad Shirt

 Chaser Brand tank top, Play Me Jean shorts (cute one here), H&M sneakers (similar here), Gap belt (similar here), Vanessa Mooney necklace and ring, Vintage hat (similar here, cute one here), Vintage/Twistband/Patricia Field bracelets, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Aerie bandeau (similar here)

 Sadly, my trip to Canada ended
after being there less than
48 hours. I did get to visit 
Toronto and experience culture 
there, where is where all these
shots are from. Fell in love with 
a huge cutout of David Beckham in
H&M, ate vegan, gluten-free food
at a restaurant while my friends 
opted for the sweet potato fries 
(which, btw, were AMAZE)and tried
on funny wedding dresses and
clothes in a cool unique boutique
on the main street. 

P.S. Someone stole my iPhone 
yesterday :( I only had it 
for 2 weeks which is the worst
part. Resorting back to the 
crackberry is not ideal but
will have to be the situation
till I get my new iPhone! Has
your phone ever been stolen?

P.P.S. 600 followers would be the
best little surprise after an awful
one yesterday!!


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