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First Day

first day

J.Crew shorts, Converse, LNA top (I am planning on wearing a white one from Gap, like this one here), Brahmin backpack (I'm getting this one here), Michael Kors watch, Argento Vivo necklace 

The first day of school is rapidly
approaching. I'm already deciding 
what I am going to wear. You know 
when you want to make an impression
after not seeing people for a long
time, but don't want to be too flashy?
I've decided on a simple Gap white v-
neck, my J.Crew BF shorts (from the
sample sale last month), cool Converse, 
and very simple and minimal jewelry. 
That is the only why I am excited
to go back! Maybe that Michael Kors
watch will somehow come into my closet
by August...



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