I invite you to come along for a fashionably fierce and insane ride. 

Stylish regards,

Cross my Heart

 Play Me Jeans shorts (similar here), Delia's sunnies (similar here), Urban Outfitters sandals, Chaser Brand tank top, Patricia Field/Twistband bracelets, Forever 21 bag, Vintage hat 

 I missed my blog!! There was a
change of events and I ended up
having to come back to the U.S. 
only after 48 hours in Canada,
but I at least got to experience
a day in Toronto which was fun!
The style there is definitely not 
like NYC style: much more refined,
not as "playful" and very business 
esque. I snagged a super cute top 
I can't wait to show you though!

These are just more shots from my 
trip to NYC. Spent this day visiting
my agency, seeing the Prada exhibit, 
and eating yummy food at Candle 79,
a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. 
Avocado soup and a butternut squash 
cake! Every vegan persons dream.


Just Another Rad Shirt