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Erin Fetherston Resort 2013 Preview

On Thursday, I was invited
to visit the Erin Fetherston
showroom to get a press preview
of the 2013 Resort Collection. 
I have to say, I was beyond
blown away. Erin is on trend with
her chic takes on color blocking
and elegant stones. Not to mention
I almost died looking at the
perforated leather pieces. The white 
leather skirt is a knockout! Every 
piece was color coded and the whole
showroom was separated by event and 
colors. There was one side of more
formal wear: events, parties, etc, 
and then the other racks were the RTW:
more playful, effortless, fun. I loved
the lace pieces that were in lighter 
colors, making it much easier for a 
younger person to pull off (usually) 
the older lace trend. Magnificent. 

Of course, there were some pieces I 
didn't love/would wear, but isn't 
that understandable? Overall,
every little detail from the
lace panels to bow ties in the back
of pastel colored dresses makes
this one of the most fabulous 
collections I have truthfully
seen in a long time. And no one 
even paid me to say that! 


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