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Outfit: Audition

 Tory Burch top, Vintage Fendi bag, Bakers flats (similar here), Forever 21 pearls (similar here), Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Gap chords (similar here-I love a good pair of chords, definitely a must), ESPRIT denim jacket (similar here)

I knew that you guys were most likely fed up with my nonstop talk about Mexico, so I figured I would switch it up a bit and post these shots from a couple weekends ago. I went out for brunch on Sunday at a vegetarian vegan restaurant. Tofu scramble, gluten-free goods, miso soup...I splurged on gluten-free vegan blueberry pancakes. Sadly, they look better than they taste. But at least I had a yummy treat!

Also on Sunday was an important audition. Dressing for work in an industry where you are judged from everything to your voice and clothes to the color of your eyes is tricky. You don't want to be too "flashy", but just the right amount. I wore a pretty simple but fashionable outfit so that the attention would be on my acting and not my outfit. I love this gorgeous Tory Burch top! So preppy. 

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