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A Little Italy

Forever 21 pants and hoodie (similar here), Victoria Secrets bandeau (underneath), Vintage bracelet, Tory Burch flats (similar designer pick here)  

I should be studying right now, but instead choose to do the opposite (a.k.a. sit on Facebook and act like I'm doing something productive, blog, tweet...) Anyway more shots from Mexico!! I thought I had under packed but learnt this day that instead I overpacked things that were not necessary and under packed on things I really should have bought...do you ever do that when traveling? Since the color of these awesome pants I got ON SALE!! was a mix between black and purple, I was left to throwing on this hoodie. Usually I would have opted for something a bit darker and not as neutral, but sometimes you just have to deal with what you have.

Also, I went on a humongous shopping trip yesterday and got some really great goodies. A super cute Free People outfit, a Kensie trench coat, two pairs of shoes, neon necessities and more. A new post will be up soon to show you guys my new items!

P.S. New giveaway should be up soon! Really great item I am giving away! 

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On The Street

Lounging Around