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New in: Aldo Sneakers

 Aldo sneakers

My quest to find rad high top sneakers has sadly come to an end. Going through endless amounts of Teen Vogue and Seventeen mags, I always find myself drooling over the sick neon and edgy sneakers that are so in right now. However, a trip into Aldo and a gift card big enough to purchase these babies has got me to flip through more mags not dying to get my hands on a pair of cool sneakers. These came in black and white, but I opted for white because I already have a pair of black leather sneakers. What do you think? Are you in on the whole sneaker trend?

In NYC tomorrow for two days! If anyone sees me at Starbucks a lot, it's probably because no one will pay for the WiFi in my hotel. Cheers!

Congrats to Rory from Wear Abouts Blog for winning my giveaway! A crazy awesome 500 follower giveaway is coming up super soon! Thank you to everyone who entered though :) 



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