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Happy Wednesday

Juicy Couture vest (similar here) and white top
Forever 21 headband
Taverniti jeans 

I've been doing these "new in" posts pretty often and I really enjoy showing all of you what new items I have added to my collection in the past couple weeks! Yesterday, the weather was super stunning and my friend and I decided that experimenting with the camera was perfect. Right around 3:00 the sun was just starting to get bright and the pictures came out just right. What's even better is I didn't know I had this amazing setting on my camera with such a high defocus, which is why these pics are like this!

This new Juicy Couture vest is one of my fav pieces in my closet right now. I LOVE PINK. And spring just calls for lots of pastels and gentle colors right? Wearing this brand new vest with a pair of skinny jeans like I did here or over a cute sweater dress is definitely on my agenda. Honestly, I'm just obsessed with it! Can't wait to show you a fuller outfit post with this hot jacket!