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holiday festivities

J Brand cargo jeans
American Eagle checkered shirt 
Anthropologie sweater
American Eagle by Payless flats (find a pair similar here)
H&M scarf (find one similar here)
Ray-Ban folding Wayfarer sunnies

 My mom has officially convinced me to accompany her to all her holiday activities on weekends now because everyone knows my mom, and when you get her thrift shopping and holiday shopping, there is no stopping her in sight.

I am super excited though because I went shopping yesterday (much needed haha)! My new Asos shirt came in the mail a few days ago also and it is SO dang cute! You can check it out here. Purchases at Forever 21:

1. Warm scarf (2 for $10, what a steal! Of course I bought my friend the other one. Um whats wrong with me...)
2. Lovely knit tights. On the hunt for houndstooth tights however and Asos seems to be the only place online selling them! Any ideas where I could get them in store?
3. Super cute southwest style jacket. It reminds me of something my grandma could have knitted, but I like how it's got that vintagey old feel but still super chic. 

southwest style

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