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Time flies

Madison Marcus shorts

Asos top
Salvatore Ferragamo flats

Splendid skirt

Marc Jacobs bag

I can't believe it's already been three weeks. I probably learnt most of the most important life lessons in the past three weeks, including how to live with five other people LOL. My cast put on a fabulous show and I'm so proud of us all! One thing I missed the most though has to be the blogging world! This is my first time on a computer for three weeks! Over the next couple days I have to check up on everything that's gone on because I'm so clueless hehe.

Anyway, I start school in one week from Wednesday. This is so sad. I've already got my first day outfit picked out (Lucca Couture anyone)? but I still haven't finished school shopping or shoe shopping! Some fall school essentials for me are a fab satchel, grey maxi skirt, high-waisted denim skirt and red flats! Anything suede, leather, silk or denim is on my agenda! Not to mention that I was asked what I want for my birthday from my uncle a couple days ago and I have no idea about that either! I was thinking maybbbeee Marc Jacobs bag/sunnies! Any ideas?

P.S. Next post is an outfit post :)



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