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I'm being stopped from taking my daily outfit post pictures outside, so I figured I would stay safe inside and do a beauty post! This is something I've never tried before, but now that I think more about the whole idea of fashion+beauty, the idea is growing on me.

I went shopping yesterday and bought a ton of new makeup for the new school year. Personally, I always agree with spending money on good makeup that will last for a while. I also have very sensitive skin, so usually have to be careful with what I put on my face. Most of my makeup comes from Origins, which is a all-natural makeup brand. Everything is USDA approved and certified organic. Therefore, I know what I'm putting on my skin isn't going to make me break out or have a reaction. What's also fabulous about Origins makeup is most of it is either SPF 15/20, which is perfect for someone with fair skin but hates sunscreen, like me!

During my shopping trip yesterday, I bought bronzer in the shade "Warm" (I have never tried bronzer before but the makeup lady suggested if I wanted to look sun-kissed, bronzer would work) "Blue Moon" eyeshadow, "Moss" eyeshadow, and "Copper Penny" eyeshadow. I bought red lip liner and red lipstick. This is my first red lipstick I have ever purchased (crazy, right?) but I had to buy the lip liner and the lipstick because the lipstick is more of a sparkly red instead of deep which I was looking for, so the lip liner makes up for the lighter lipstick. I then went on to buy a navy eyeliner to match my eyeshadow, mascara in the shade "Brown" but the Full Story mascara instead of the other mascara that Origins sells. Personally, I don't like the mascara I used to buy from there because I thought it was very clumpy and didn't look good on, but the one I just purchased is a much better match. You should buy mascara new every three months. I also bought toner and moisturizer. I think my fav thing out of everything has to be the "Blue Moon" eyeshadow. I have blue/greenish eyes, and everyone that I've talked to in makeup has said that either green, blue, brown, or a granite type color eye shadow is what works best with my eyes. It is such a lovely and sparkly color. What are some of your favorite makeup colors/brands?



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