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Necklace- Vintage
Dress- American Eagle
Cardigan- Delia's
Leggings- H&M
Boots- Unknown

Pink Santa Hat- Victoria Secrets

Plaid Shirt- Delia's
Feather Headband- Unknown Vintage

I totally love this outfit I wore today. Well, I took pictures of the actual outfit I wore and then another outfit I came up with in my room tonight. The first outfit with the purple cardigan was my school outfit. I really enjoyed it because of course, it was cozy and warm, but the different variations of purple really stood out. I stayed with a light color contrast and then added a darker purple shade for the cardigan. I also made sure that the cardigan wasn't longer then the actual dress itself. Therefore, it wouldn't be a messy outfit. The second outfit was with the dress and plaid shirt. I also added the snow/ combat boots. But when you would first look at the plaid and the dress, you would assume its too many patterns in one outfit. You're wrong. There was a hint of purple in the plaid shirt, and thats why it went along with the dress. Also, it just gives the outfit a wintery feel so I really found this an intriguing outfit. It wasn't as girly, and more hard-core. Plaid seems to match with everything now a days!

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