I invite you to come along for a fashionably fierce and insane ride. 

Stylish regards,


Shoes- Payless
Cardigan- PINK By Victoria Secret
Pants- Abercrombie & Fitch
Headband- Unknown Boutique in Jersey
Tank Tops- (White) Abercrombie
(Purple) Unknown Brand, from NJ Boutique
Necklaces- Star Of David Necklace by David Yurman
Red Necklace- Boutique (Near my hometown)

I really like this outfit. The pants are a bit oversized, and I think that looks really good with the oversized cardigan that I fell in love with and could only get in a medium.
I usually don't shop at Abercrombie & Fitch because I feel that its way to expensive, but I wanted the free $50 on Black Friday and you had to spend a certain amount to get the gift card. So I bought those pants. But anyway, the lady in the store (who I can mention was very rude) told me that pants didn't look good on me and they were supposed to be tight fitted. Aren't sales people meant to make you buy their clothes, not leave? LOL. I bought the pants and put this outfit together. I should complain about the lady at Abercrombie and mention I put a really neat outfit together- thanks Abercrombie sales person. Have a fabulous day, fashionistas!

Love, forever&always


hot chocolate and a light show.

loving my tweed