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Coach Sparkle Backpack

I took the train yesterday and spotted this lady with this amazing Coach backpack. I had seen it before in the actual store. Sparkles are so in and I absolutely love this bag! How glitz and glam! I went into the city yesterday for some Black Friday shopping and am suprised to say I truly didn't find much. I went into Steve Madden, Zara, H&M, Abercrombie, Strawberry and Gap and only left with one bag from one of the stores. H&M was actually kinda depressing yesterday. They didn't have much color in the store, it mostly consisted of blacks and browns. I mean blacks and browns aren't bad but I always go into H&M and leave with a bag full of colors. Also, I noticed that all the H&M stores aren't selling the Lanvin collection. Make sure to check online if you're looking for the select stores that sell the line.
P.S. Next post on style from London, hopefully. That means I actually have to read the magazine I got from the UK but life's tough.

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