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mixing ingredients

Mixing patterns is so in right now. I've mentioned that in another post I believe. Sometimes, mixing can be a little over done though. So you have to find the right patterns and styles to put together an outfit. For instance, if you have a leopard print skirt, you could pair that with a little busy dark colored shirt. But then you would have to be careful with the shoes you use. The picture you see right above is exactly what not to do. One of the main rules is not to mix animal prints! If it looks wrong, it is wrong. Always go with your main instinct because otherwise you'll have an outfit made up of clothing that looks like you found it in a cave. (Like my "similie")? LOL.

I saw a very cute outfit the other day with mixing socks and heels because that's also very in. Personally, I think it looks a little funny. Say if you have socks with smiley faces on them and them bedazzled heels, please don't do that. But yeah, a little funky shoe with a simple sock definitely works!

1. Stay in the same color family. You want your patterns to have the same overall hue with certain colors found in each. Brown and orange plaid can work with a brown and orange floral design but will not work with pink and green roses.

2. Vary the pattern sizes. If your plaid happens to be large and loud, pair it with something that has a delicate pattern, like tiny roses with minuscule vines.

3. Accessorize. Patterns don’t have to be limited to tops and bottoms. You can mix more subtly with a scarf, shoes, hat or belt that plays on the patterns you’ve chosen.

4. Be scant with jewelry. Since your clothing is already making a bold statement, keep the jewelry simple and minimalistic. Do not wear giant baubles on top of two wild patterns or you could easily resemble a thrift store bin.


- Courtesy of Ehow.com

Accessorizing is also a fab way to mix patterns because accessories make such a statement.

P.S. Next post is about the main things I believe you should have in your wardrobe. Little black dress and heels, here we come! Stay fashionable, fashionistas!

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skirts and snow, eh?

necklaces and marshmallows