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Target is my life,so are Ray Bans.

Soo, I went to the mall finally! Gosh, It's been such a long time. Tear. Well, I figured instead of like actually going to the actual normal stores I would try Target instead. But first I'm obsessed with finding cowboy boots! I saw the cutest possible pair in Aldo but yeah, they were $140 and no, I didn't buy them. But I found this pair on Forever21.com which are $34.80 and still cute. Anyway, when I went to Target I found the cutest stuff. I bought myself a pair of *faux* Ray Ban sunglasses but they still look cool! And a pair of ripped skinny jeans for $20. What a steal.
The pictures I'm attempting to upload might not work due to my phone being broken so I can't take pictures and my mom has an Iphone whose picture taking skills I greatly hate. Since I can't get the pics, I have to go to target.com and individually look up every pic, save it, then put it on blogger. Thank you dearly AT&T and the evil Iphone.
The first pic is of a plaid Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors shirt. Found at $15.00 I loved it. I seem to write a lot about plaid shirts lately, I don't know why but I guess it just happens. The pic of the Nude Ruffle Dress is possibly the cutest thing I've seen lately. The dress is only $21.99 and could be paired with something as simple as a jean jacket or a blazer. Next is a Mossimo Supply Co. black lace tank for $17.99. It's very simple but can be paired with a skirt or a pair of jeans+more which is what I always love, buying clothes that can be paired with many different varieties of other clothes. Sadly, I found a really cute jacket at the store but I can't find it online so I'll have to post another chic jacket I found. It's a military jacket for $21.99. I'm so sad I can't show you guys the original jacket I had which was truly my favorite, but this other jacket is nice too. The military style is always in style so this jacket is major cool! Well, I hope you guys liked this post about these clothes!

P.S. Next post is on Technicolor Chic in Milan fashion! TTYL!



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