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Mall day with my friend

This is just a quick post, but there is an amazing jean sale going on at Hollister right now. Also, I know Forever 21 is always having a good sale, and Delia's is currently having an amazing sale on skirts which are usually so expensive and now so cheap! Buy now for next year!

Here's a couple pics from the mall today with my friend. The first outfit is of me, Abercrombie ripped jeans and a pink forever 21 shirt and sweater. The oversized sweaters are very in right now, and so are the oversized shirts. They're so cute and can literally be paired with anything! You can't see it, but the shirt has a pocket on the top with sparkles. The bottom is of my friend, it's a designer named Sylvie Cachey, which isn't around anymore and a white beach hat. Both of these outfits can be worn anywhere which is great! An idea for the oversized look would be you could find an old sweater of your mom's or a family member and pair it with a braided belt and possibly leggings..thats a good idea if your working with a strict budget.

P.S. I'll be posting a new post soon with style advice for different shapes of girls, and if you ever have an idea for a new blog, just post a comment! I'd love to hear what you guys have to say!



Good deals, it's labor day, right?

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