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A Look Inside my Apartment!

A Look Inside my Apartment!

Photography by Trenten Kelley, design by Jenna of Recycle, Refinish, Reuse
Assorted art via MINTED

I've been excited for this post to come out for literally the past six months. As most of you know, I moved to Boston in September of last year, after living in NYC for almost a year and feeling like a change was needed. Between moving to Manhattan at 17, completely alone, and going full-time with a business, the past few years have been the most inspiring yet frequently disastrous and stressful times in my life. You learn a lot, moving to Manhattan with 9 suitcases in the middle of winter at 17 though, you know?

I moved to Cambridge last September, hated the place I lived, and moved out this January to an apartment with three girls in the North End of Boston. I liked living with three girls much more than living with a random guy, but I've never been in a college mindset (Tinder, the Bachelor, and cheap alcohol kind of mindset) so I didn't always click with the girls. That made me feel frequently like an outsider, which kind of sucked for somewhere you spend money to live.

I decided to move out of there when my sublet ended, and take the leap from living with people to living completely alone. I dropped a lot of money in my bank account, and secured a one bedroom apartment down the street from where my old apartment was. Have you ever dropped like half your bank account at once? It's f****** scary. But I did it. #AdultLife. My realtor was also super cool, and made the process feel very calm and relaxed for someone like me who is rarely calm and/or relaxed. 

I lived on an air mattress for the first month, getting more and more content with the idea that I finally lived alone. There was one to tell me to wash my dishes, clean the sink, walk quieter...it's a dream.

Since upgrading from roommates to living alone took me from being a "kid" to being an adult real quick, living on an air mattress wasn't going to be successful for long. I always had this vision of creating a place where my friends want to come, gather, hang out, eat, etc. (I literally sound like a mom) and having no furniture was making it tough for my dream to come true. 

I was at the farmers market one day when I came across a rad furniture stand. I saw a girl and a guy, and almost didn't approach them because I hate when people try and sell you their stuff. I can't think of anything more annoying than that. Like when you go to a nice department store and people are throwing makeup and their clothing in your face and you're like "STFU unless you're offering me free samples or a discount." 

But, air mattress. I didn't entirely have a choice to not approach her. 

Well, approaching Jenna was the best decision I've made in all of 2016 (or one of them!!!) I told her I wanted to spend no more than $1,000 on furniture and design, and I had a specific aesthetic I was looking for. You tell her your vision, your budget, and deadline, and she takes it from there. 

Girly. Gold. Glitter. White. Fluffy stuff. Polaroids. 

The epitome of everything any dude probably hates is how I wanted to design my apartment.

Over the past few months, Jenna has gone back and forth with me, designing and planning my entire apartment to be exactly the way I want it to be. She's also worked around my insane travel schedule, picking up my key if I was out of town and delivering furniture for me to see. 

The apartment has finally come together, and I couldn't be more thrilled. My friends love it, I love it, and I went from a kid to an adult with a legit apartment in less than 6 months. Dreams do come true, with the help of Jenna. 

We got a bunch of stuff from vintage retailers, and the bedding from Ethan Allen. Even though Ethan Allen can be on the pricier side, I was thrilled to work with them because they have quality items. Their stuff isn't stuff you'd buy and then get bored of in a year. I got a mattress pad, two pillows, and a comforter that I will absolutely use for the rest of my life. Since I'm a blogger, I had to get a white comforter (for pictures, of course) but the site has so many more options, so make sure to check out everything  Ethan Allen has.

Stay tuned for more apartment stuff coming up soon, on A Life in the Fashion Lane and a few other places! 



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