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Zara denim, Adidas sneakers, Kralova Design top, Vintage backpack

There is a definite reason why people fall in love with the city of London. Between the urban street art, fashionable yet hospitable crowd, and really good Indian food, it's hard to pass up a chance to be in London. 

I'm currently in Madrid, after missing my flight here yesterday, I eventually flew in late yesterday night. Praktik Hotels invited me to stay with them in Barcelona and Madrid, and I'm totally in awe of the unreal balcony at this Madrid pad...more to come later this week.

In London, I stayed at Batty Langley's one of the nights. BL is located in the heart of Shoreditch, off of the Liverpool Street station tube line. That probably sounds like a foreign language to you! I hadn't been to Shoreditch prior to this trip, so I was excited to try a new hotel and area. I'd consider it one of the artsiest and trendiest towns. Shoreditch isn't pretentious like Kensington, though it has such a wide variety of students and professionals that you get the best of both worlds.

I was hooked up with the Batty Langley's suite, which was all I needed after spending the entire first morning at the airport. I snuggled right into bed, and fell asleep for half the day. When I woke up, breakfast was waiting for me on my personal patio, where I got to smear my butter on my croissant while sipping a soy latte and writing. Life had never been that blissful! 


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