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Styled by Sam: How to Look Like Beyonce

Happy Tuesday! My guest contributor, Samantha, writes on how to dress like Beyonce. Ready to get fearless, girls? “The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence” ~ Beyonce.

I have this strange obsession with wanting to be/thinking I am Beyonce, and I’m pretty sure I am not alone. I’ve broken down Queen B’s style to hair, makeup, and fashion teaching you exactly how to master the look of a diva.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Bey in the hair department, it’s to never be afraid to change things up. Miss Knowles is notorious for constantly rocking a different hairstyle; in her latest visual album, B’s hair/weave was different in almost every scene. The second thing Beyonce has taught us is that hair always looks better when blowing in the wind. She has that whole hair flip thing down to a T – one of the many reasons Beyonce Knowles is the most fabulous woman on this earth.

So whether it surpasses your booty or skims your shoulders, as long as you can flip your hair like the most fabulous being on this earth, you are one step closer to being Beyonce – sweet!


According to Beyonce she “woke up like dis” but something tells me she doesn’t wake up wearing lipstick (am I crazy to assume this??). Though the one thing I noticed about Queen B’s beauty routine is how she only uses cosmetics to enhance her beauty. Bey never wears enough makeup to make her look anyone other than the flawless woman she is.

Enhance your beauty by focusing on your favorite feature and using makeup to make that feature pop. If it’s your lips, throw on a shade of ruby red lipstick, or if it’s your eyes rim them with smoky black eyeliner. If you’re feeling brave, keep things really simple with no makeup at all. Bey is all about letting your natural beauty shine so whatever you do, DO NOT overdue it.


I don’t know about you but Beyonce Knowles is hands-down my biggest style icon and not because of what she wears but because of how she wears it. ‘Yonce is not scared to take fashion risks, and she carries herself with such confidence that she could make a garbage bag look hot. Now I know that if I tried wearing one of her famous bedazzled leotards I would probably come across as estranged, so below are a few of Beyonce’s more wearable looks.

Lately, Queen B’s been rocking quite a few two-pieces and bold prints/colors, sometimes both at the same time. My suggestion in achieving Beyonce’s sense of youthful sophistication is to wear structured and fitted pieces but not be afraid to show a little skin. And before leaving the house, take one final check in the mirror and “Say I look so good tonight.” It’s that easy.


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