Episode 20: LIVELY Founder Michelle Grant On Taking Over The Bra Industry

Michelle Grant is a boss babe. After studying finance at the University of Pittsburgh, she founded LIVELY. Now ladies, you know what it’s like to squeeze and shove your tits into a bra. It fucking sucks. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t feel comfortable in your own body. LIVELY delivers bras and undies that take the best elements of high style and comfort. The concept behind the brand started after Michelle found herself in Victoria secrets, looking for bras, when she became inspired by real life, plain and simple. Then came LIVELY.

Episode 19: Anthony Quintal aka Lohanthony On Growing Up As A YouTuber Who Never Planned To Be One

Anthony Quintal aka Lohanthony was born and raised in Methuen Massachusetts. At the age of 10 Anthony started making YouTube videos with a group of friends he made on the internet, under the channel name ‘SevenIncredibleKids.’ In 2012 Anthony started posting videos to his own solo channel under the name Lohanthony. Anthony quickly rose to internet fame after his “car vlogging” and “basic bitches” videos went viral – even getting retweeted by the likes of Katy Perry. After freshman year of high school, Anthony transferred to online school so that he could then move to LA and pursue acting as well as further his Youtube career.

We caught up with Anthony this past week to discuss what it was like gaining so much popularity at such a young age. We discussed the pressures he felt of constantly posting to social media to trying to be someone on video who he no longer felt he way. We then delved into why he has decided to take some away from being in front of the camera and the different avenues that he plans on going down in his future.

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Episode 18: Celebrity Stylist Joey Tierney On Being Britney Spears’ Lead Stylist & Growing Up In The System

Remember when your parents used to tell you to never judge a book by its cover? Well, Joey Tierney is the perfect example of that book. She walked into our impromptu West Hollywood podcast “studio” (Alexa’s bedroom) and talked for three hours. If you had told us that Joey’s childhood was anything like we came to found out it was, we would’ve probably never believed you. This is by far one of the most empowering episodes This is Life Unfiltered has ever released. Listen for yourself, but Joey Tierney is a f****** boss. After growing up in the system (yes, this blonde hair blue-eyed fashionista grew up in an orphanage) she forced the court system to let her travel to New York when she was a teenager thanks to a ticket a high school boyfriend surprised her with. After spending some time in Los Angeles, Joey got connected with someone in Britney Spear’s crew, and was offered a job styling Britney’s backup dancers on tour. She became Britney’s wing woman, and went on from Britney to style celebrities like Paris Hilton, Seth Green, Emily VanCamp and more. Just because you grew up with a traumatic childhood doesn’t mean your destiny is based on that. Now, she lives in Sherman Oaks with her equally successful husband, and her adorable son. She started RUE, a hat company that gives back to kids in orphanages, and frequently travels to the orphanage she grew up in to speak to the kids who have no hope for escaping the life they grew up with.

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Episode 17: When Rejection Goes Too Far (The Effects of Social Media on the Young Mind)

Last week was an important week in the world of social media and mental health. We wanted to hold off on having a guest this week to cover the latest news in the world. As you know, a 19-year-old boy in Florida purchased a gun and shot 17 people in a Florida high school last week. Through Alexa’s work with her nonprofit on social media and mental health, she frequently conducts in-depth research on how social media is warping the way teens view themselves. Back in January, Alexa was invited to speak at TEDxFranklinHighSchool, so she was incredibly invested in research when the shooting occurred. On Episode 17, you’ll hear Alexa explain her opinion on guns and mental health, how we can prevent young people feeling isolated and depressed, and how her TED talk went.

If you feel yourself becoming depressed or anxious, or find yourself noticing someone around you become isolated, please check out the resources page on www.medianav.org.

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Episode 16: Simple Mills Founder Kaitlin Smith On Maxing Out Her Credit Cards To Become A Leader In The Boutique Food Industry

5 years ago, the word paleo would have sounded like a word out of a science booklet. Fast forward to 2018, and gluten-free and paleo are as popular as Instagram. If you’re not following a paleo diet, your friends and family have most likely already told you how much better you’ll feel if you convert. Kaitlin Smith suffered with gut problems for a while, before she started tracking almond flour sales in grocery stores. As diets like Atkins and South Beach Diet faded out, healthy lifestyle choices like paleo and crossfit hit the market, hard. Instead of trying to become the next Quest or Think Thin bar, Kaitlin started Simple Mills, a paleo food company, that sells products like pumpkin muffin kits (made with coconut sugar and almond flour), almond flour crunchy chocolate chip cookies, and frosting made with organic ingredients and cane sugar. If you’ve ever had a Simple Mills product, you know how freakin’ tasty the stuff is too. She’s gone from a team of herself, to a team of 27 people and growing. What started as a test in her Charlotte, NC kitchen, has made Kaitlin a leader in the food revolution, getting attention from places like Forbes, Whole Foods, and Thrive Market. She was on Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017, and Simple Mills lives on shelves across America in over 1,200 stores!

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Episode 15: Danielle Robay On Her Successful TV Career, And How She Scratched The Itch She Had To Move To LA And Leave Everything Behind

Danielle Robay is a force to be reckoned with. At the ripe age of 27, Danielle has already made her mark in the world of TV. She’s an entertainment journalist, blogger, influencer, AND TV host: there’s obviously not one career goal Danielle can’t accomplish! Starting at Entertainment Tonight and CLEVVER TV, before heading to guest host on shows like Dr. Drew and the Teen Choice Awards, Danielle moved back to Chicago to take up a gig as the host of WCIU’s The Jam. With over 160k followers on Instagram, Danielle’s feed is filled with inspiration and self-love dedicated pictures. Born and raised in Chicago, Danielle has a special place in her heart for the place she grew up in. After going back and forth between politics and entertainment television, Danielle decided to pursue entertainment TV and start her blog Pop Politics, that molds together two of her favorite topics.

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Episode 14: Making Your Side-Hustle Full-Time, Landing Brand Deals & Getting People to Value Your Worth

Back in 2011, A Life in the Fashion Lane was a little blog with a simple mission behind it: to inspire young adults to follow their dreams. Seven years later, Alexa has managed to make her side hustle into a full-time platform for young adults. Sponsored by brands like T-Mobile, British Airways, and Lane Bryant, A Life in the Fashion Lane is the go-to site for everything relating to body image and teens. Every company starts with a concept and a dream for what that idea will hopefully turn into one day. On Episode 14, you’ll hear Alexa discuss how she knew she was different, what set A Life in the Fashion Lane apart from other blogs, and how you too can follow your dreams and get paid to do what you love too!

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Episode 13: Catt Sadler & Lulu Eschelman

We are THRILLED to welcome two mega-moguls to This is Life Unfiltered today! Lulu Eschelman, designer and entrepreanur, along with ex- E! News host Catt Sadler, joined us at our studio in Culver City to talk about what being an entrepreanur in front and behind the camera is truly like. Lulu and Catt teamed up to create the Jacki bag for Lulu’s handbag line, LumillaMingus, that gives back to women and kids across the world. Two ladies with a mission, eh? That’s what we at This is Life Unfiltered are all about.

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Episode 12: Alexa on her anxiety, how to battle your own mental health struggles, and why parents need to talk to their kids about their bodies as they grow up

We’ve all dealt with some form of anxiety or depression. In recent light of Logan Paul’s terrible video in the Japanese suicide forest, Alexa sits down to talk about her personal struggles with anxiety and depression. This episode covers how to manage your anxiety, tips on dealing with depression, and how you can proceed with reaching out for help from a specialist. With this episode, we are hoping to bring more awareness to all mental health issues, and most importantly, show you that you can recover from what you are going through. Each day you may battle something new, but that is never a reason to give up on yourself or your friends. You deserve to be happy- never forget that.

For more mental health resources, please see www.medianav.org. Follow Alexa and This is Life Unfiltered on social media at @alexa_curtis and @thisislifepodcast.

Episode 11: Youtuber Chelsea Crockett on Youtube’s algorithm, publishing a book before age 20, and growing up on the Internet

With over 1 million YouTube subscribers, Chelsea Crockett knows how to work the internet. Originally from Illinos, Chelsea created her channel on July 3, 2011, uploading her first video one month later. Though she initially fell in love with beauty and posting about makeup, Chelsea is considered an Internet personality now, posting videos about her boyfriend, her religion, and her personal life. She’s a major body image activist, and is as open and honest with her followers as one girl under 21 could be! A few years ago, Chelsea had a show on Seventeen Magazine’s YouTube channel (called 17before17) where she took on tasks to do (like surf) before she turned 17.

We’re incredibly excited to have her on This is Life Unfiltered today. Now that it’s a new year, it might feel like it’s time to clean your social media feeds and fill them with inspirational content. Why keep negativity in your life, ya know? That totally describes how we’re feeling this year!

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