My Experience At The Oscars

Before y’all think I’m pulling clickbait, I totally didn’t go to the Oscars. But, I went to a few super insanely cool after parties, and dressed up for a gala last night in honor of the Oscars. The Oscars in LA are similar to  NYFW. I thought that people took fashion shows seriously…but entertainment people in LA take award season seriously!

I saw an event listing on Monday for all of the Oscars parties, so I knew I wanted to attend a few. I asked some people what the best ones to go to were, and was told that any of the Vanity Fair parties and the afterparty at the Chateau Marmont (this exclusive lounge/hotel) were supposed to be the coolest this season. So, I embarked on my own journey to find out what the Oscars are like even though I’m not an actress.

The event on Thursday was by far the most incredible event I’ve ever been to -and I’ve been out to a whole lot of events. This one mixed celebrities with producers and very chic looking people: like actual people who deserved to be at this event. Avocado toast, mini burgers, and super moist chocolate chip cookies were passed around while guests mingled around the restaurant and took pictures in the photo booth. My friend Brianna and I were standing directly next to Chase Crawford, and I introduced myself to Natalie Zea (my favorite actress) to request an interview with her for my podcast! I was wearing the most boring outfit ever, as you can see in the last picture on the homepage, so I didn’t take any pictures. But wow- what a night!

I went out for dinner with Gabe and a few other friends on Friday, so skipped events that night. I also didn’t go out on Saturday because I was exhausted (this explains why I never stay out past 10 PM) and slept 16 hours. I might have gone out if I had been invited to the Nordstrom dinner, though.

On Sunday evening, I got ready for a gala called the City Gala, presented by Matthew Mcconaughey. I wore the dress above and did my own hair and makeup because I had a gut feeling I was going to hate the event. I was right (always trust your gut) and I left my friend there because I was so bored, and I went home to bed at 10 PM. When I got home, I couldn’t help but go on Instagram to see who was going to the Vanity Fair afterparty. I take Sundays off of social media, so I hadn’t gone on Instagram all day. I picked the worst time to go on because everyone I follow was at this event or getting ready for it, which made me feel kind of crappy. As silly as it may sound, I felt like I was kind of worthless for not having been invited to this event. Like, why am I not cool enough to be at this super dope afterparty, you know? Then I got kind of sad and felt bad for myself for a few minutes. I woke up this morning and remembered that I’m worthy of anything and everything, and just because I wasn’t invited to one party doesn’t mean I won’t be there next year or at something else next week.

Patience is key. If you can’t figure out how to balance patience and passion, you’re in for a rough ride. Social media only makes FOMO worse, which is why I try and avoid going on social media during times when I know I’m going to feel poorly about myself. You’re always going to want someone else’s life and someone else will always envy yours. Just be proud of yourself ALL OF THE TIME and don’t worry about what hasn’t happened yet!


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