Natural Waxing At-Home with Parissa

It’s not everyday that I can wake up and say I began my morning waxing my legs in my bathroom with my boyfriend, who also decided to test waxing his legs. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! When I moved to LA, I came across this process called sugaring, which is a mix of lemon, water, and sugar that’s used to wax every part of your body. I did a review on sugaring last year with my best friend Gabe, and it was absolutely the most painful blog experience I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, I still go to sugaring in LA to get Brazilian waxes because I like the idea that it’s an all-natural form of waxing, and takes less time. Plus, my sugarist is much nicer than most of the girls I ever had at European Wax Center when I used to go there for waxes.

But the downside of sugaring is that it’s extremely painful, and expensive. In my ventures to find products that suite young adults for less expensive prices, I came across Parissa waxing for hair removal. I decided to test out their leg wax at home, that’s an all-natural solution to a major problem for young people: tons of hair!

They have a huge selection of products on their wax strips list, from waxing your eyebrows to your lips or your bikini line, but since I’ve only gotten my legs waxed once, I wanted to try that out. Their ingredient list includes beeswax, tea tree oil and sugar: all natural and organic products for your skin!

When you open the box, you’ll see that there is no painful hot gel like a regular wax requires, so you’re only using your hands to remove your hair.

You are supposed to remove the hair from the bottom of the waxing strip, so use the below picture to advise you- not the one above!

I am pleasantly surprised to say that I will absolutely use Parissa waxing when I don’t have time to shave my legs. You can easily carry them on airplanes too (with no awkward TSA encounters) and in your bag at the grocery store. I know that sounds silly, but sometimes you only have a certain amount of time to set aside for things relating to beauty, and that might be in your bathroom after school or in the bathroom at the grocery store!



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