Veronica Beard: NYFW

Though I’m several years too young to drink, many NYFW presentations serve delicious and light signature cocktails, either using wine or champagne. I brought along one of my older friends to the show with me, and she absolutely adored the floral inspired cocktail (it was orange!) 

I’m astonished with the power of social media. People are dating through the internet. People are finding new pets and friends through the web. We are connecting with people we never expected to be able to speak with, all via the internet. I was originally introduced to Veronica Beard a few seasons ago, after getting invited to one of her first presentations. I then did some research on her *via the web* and got images and information on her entire life. This time around, the sexy presentation was held at the new Park Hyatt hotel, where guests sipped on champagne and awed at the flirty clothing on stand. I never had the chance to introduce myself to Veronica before, even though we have be in touch via social media, so this time when I spotted the designer, ran up and said hi. She was so sweet, and we chatted for a few minutes about her 60s inspired collection, along with how proud the fashion industry is of her!

I could wear every single one of VB’s pieces, season after season. Whether you’ve got a more edgy personality, or a lighter and girly one, the collections prove to have something for everyone. This time around, we saw lots of blues, pinks, and lace, along with statement leather jackets and printed tops. What is more perfect to wear for a work to after-party occasion?

Congrats again, Veronica! We can’t wait for next season (as usual!)


Miss Fashionista

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