Take Me Out to the Ball Game

You can’t miss out on overpriced ball food either, chicken tenders and fries are a staple. 

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I adore this look because you get two different options for completely different looks. Throw on a leather backed and studded denim, which is edgy yet a new way to rock a classic American girl style, or keep your leather backpack and studded shorts and throw on a pair of sophisticated loafers. The teenage part of me wants to run around in rugged kicks at a game, yet the more upscale side of me wants to have loafers on and my black sunglasses, cause you never know who is watching. 

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends unexpectedly asked me to go to a Yankees game with her. Now, if you look at me, and then look at anyone else in Mansfield, CT, I stand out, because when it comes to sports, I’m as confused as a lost deer in the woods. I go to football games at my high school with my friends and clap when everyone else claps (sometimes I end up clapping for the wrong team…) or pretend to have a clue about what is going on in the college basketball scene if I like a guy who happens to be interested in basketball, but underneath it all, I’m just a girl who loves shoes, not sports. 

That being said, I was hesitant to say yes to her, but decided to go, since how often do your friends ask you to go to a Yankees game with them? Hello, Alex Rodriguez! The game also gave me an excuse to make a post out of it, hoping some of you are as confused about what to wear to sporting events as I was, and still somewhat am. Fashion is a learning process, people.  

The first picture that comes to my mind when I think of a baseball/football/basketball game (besides Alex…) is comfort mixed with classic. A Yankees game is outside, as are many other public sporting events, suggesting you don’t want to be the one stuck in a rainstorm in a tight LBD. Opt for a simple pair of denim and a classic white shirt (what screams America more?) and throw in a pair of red kicks for some color. Don’t forget your quintessential baseball hat either! I wore my denim Gap shorts, white Superga sneakers, and an Aeropostale blue sweater that luckily had the letter B on the front, and fit in quite perfectly. Every sort of person is attracted to sporting events: don’t be afraid to try out a new look this season. 

P.S. Hello New York Fashion Week! I’m in the city for the next 2 weeks, running around covering shows (and an after-party or 2 here and there…) so make sure to tune in to my Instagram + Twitter for major updates. I’ve also got a few new contributors working for me this season, running around the shows I can’t get to, meaning keep an eye out for some badass new stuff on the site! 


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